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Thread: savegame installer problem

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    savegame installer problem

    i wanna get a save game for pokemon , i have tried a couple of them but none work for me cuz they have protection. the last one i tried was this
    Wii Save - Nintendo Wii Game Saves > USA (Not.Bin) - 100%

    using the save game installer but i get this error

    Reading game disc... Error! (ret = -1)

    what can i do to install the save game?
    i tried tried first with a data.bin file using the sd card going to data management , save data , wii, sd card

    i see the saved game but is a blank icon with ? (???)
    when i try to copy it to the wii system memory i get

    data may not be saved ...etc

    is there any other way to install the saved game or how can i fix it ?
    i also wanna know if is possible to load the game from the USB drive using gfx loader instead of inserting the DVD.

    thanks in advance

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