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Thread: Deletion of Homebrew (Help needed)

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    Deletion of Homebrew (Help needed)

    Thank you so much for all your help and information here.

    After following the steps to this tutorial ( from 3.3u to 4.1, no priiloader, I wanted to uninstall the Homebrew channel. I was going to load boot.elf but instead of it saying boot.elf it said "Load boot.dol/elf (If you paid you were scammed)." I passed on loading that and went to the Wii data management, to the channels section, pressed "A" on the Homebrew channel and deleted it. Shortly after it said that the system was corrupted. I only get this message when I go and exit from the channels section of were I deleted the Homebrew channel. I haven't tried playing any games on it.

    All we want to do at this stage is play games, do I need to do anything? I'm assuming I should reinstall HBC, then reinstall 4.1(because of the "system files corrupted" screen). If so, in order to run boot.elf should I a)"Load boot.dol/elf", b)go back to original SDcard contents at beginning of tutorial to hopefully load boot.elf, or c)do something entirely different?

    Thanks again

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    Just follow the same guide from start to finish without missing out any steps.

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