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Thread: A 3 year old mistakes a handgun for a Wiimote

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    A 3 year old mistakes a handgun for a Wiimote

    EDIT - oops, this was already posted by Cile,

    A three-year-old Tennessee girl is dead after her parents told police she mistook a loaded pistol for a Wii controller.

    Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe told the Tennessean newspaper that Cheyenne McKeehan's stepfather got the gun out Saturday night because he thought he heard dogs or a prowler on the family's property.

    After checking outside, he returned to the house and placed the .380 caliber pistol on a side table in the living room.

    On Sunday night, the gun had not yet been returned to its cabinet, Ashe told the newspaper. The stepfather went to bed and the girl's mother was on the computer just a few feet away when the little girl reached for the gun.

    When Cheyenne pulled the pistol off the table it went off, hitting her in the stomach, Ashe said. The child was rushed to hospital, but died from her injuries.

    The newspaper reported Cheyenne's mother told police her daughter could have thought the gun was a controller for their Nintendo Wii. The girl had been playing a game with a controller that had a similar shape to the gun, the newspaper reported.

    SOURCE - Family: Girl, 3, mistakes gun for Wii controller, dies | World | News | Toronto Sun
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