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Thread: Problems with No More Heroes 2? Won't work on NeoGamma?

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    Problems with No More Heroes 2? Won't work on NeoGamma?

    I have a back up copy of No More Heroes 2. My friend verified that it works on his Wii.

    On My Wii I have the NeoGamma Backup Launcher (R8 beta 12 Rev 17) I had a lower version of it but after No More Heroes 2 would not work on it i thought it would help to upgrade to my current version (it didn't).

    When I try to play it on my Wii, I either get a Very Brief Green screen followed by a black screen (when I choose NTSC 480i) or I get the screen that I get before I Turn the Wii on, as if the Wii has shut off even though the power light is still on (when I choose NTSC 480p). No matter which one happens, I always have to turn the Wii off by holding the Power Button until it turns red, as that is the only way it will let me power down after I try to go into the Game.

    I have played with the settings on the loader and no matter what I do I still get the Same result. All of my other backups work fine with my NeoGamma Loader.

    Does anyone know Why No More Heroes 2 Refuse to play on my Wii? Is there another version of Neogamma I try? Or maybe another Loader entirely (I really do not want to go into all of the USB loader stuff)

    (I can provide any information that I accidentally left off).

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hey Ive gotta a simmilar problem I run it on neogamma R8 and it works but then in the middle it just says the disc could not be read what do I do??

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