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Thread: Wode web interface

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    Wode web interface

    Another great news...

    All know that WODE is a safety way to manage your backups on USB devices... but the principal "complaint" was that WODE cannot compete with the easy to use and nice interfaces of USB LOADERS...

    Our principal target now is to give nice Graphics Interfaces to WODE users that will have nothing to envy to USB LOADER & SOFT MOD.

    WEB interface will be the most advanced interface for WODE, we are developing it with two kind of interface.
    One ADMIN interface that will be very similar a NAS server interface, with tons of features (copy, rename, cancel files, manage devices etc)...
    One CHILDREN interface that will be really nice and easy to use.

    Here guys a first PREVIEW of the interface, already ready to be browsed with your WII OPERA BROWSER...
    We plan to have the complete "children" interface ONLINE before end this week, and during next week we will finish the develop the ADMIN interface.
    The contribution of comunity will be very important, we will put a "demo" interface online and comments & suggestions will be appreciated...

    On this link you can enjoy the nice interface to choose USB DEVICES (the flash movie is optimize to be browsed with WII OPERA BROWSER, if you use a PC just reduce the window size to enjoy a correct surf of pages)

    On this link you can enjoy a screenshot of the COVER FLOW to choose the games!!

    WEB INTERFACE will be available to final users when WIFI USB NETWORK ADAPTOR will be ready and available. We cannot say now exactly when, but will be very soon.
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    Looking good

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    Its starting to look more like a finished article now.


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