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Thread: Backing Up Your Nand? after skipping optional choice.

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    Backing Up Your Nand? after skipping optional choice.

    Hi guys i recently just brought a Wii and for about a week now i've been playing every possible game there is. I followed the tutorial for this site in softmodding your Wii, but here lies my problem.
    I skipped the (Back Up Your Nand) option and now i'm worried that just incase i every do brick my Wii they'll be no way to restore it. I have all my previous data stored on my current SD card such as, disc and box images, so i don't want to format that or move the data as i'm afraid it will mess up my Wii. I was thinking of using a different SD card and exracting the files from the first part of the guide.


    PART A: The astonishing installation of HBC: First steps into modding

    In this part we will install HBC, which is used to run apps from the system menu, using the bannerbomb exploit. Along the way, DVDx will be installed, this allows the lens to recognize burned DVDs (not play backups, just see they are there). In the end we will install Bootmii, which is a very useful app as we will see next.

    A1)GET THIS and unrar the contents in the root of your SD card. In the root of the SD card whould be:
    IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].wad

    But i'm not entirely sure which course of action i should take, can someone point me in the right direction. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks


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    If you installed bootmii then just make a NAND backup...simple as that. If its installed as an IOS then launch it though the homebrew channel. If installed as boot2 then put the bootmii folder on your SD card and put it in your wii. Navigate the bootmii menu with the power and reset buttons on your console.
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