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Thread: We sing and mic's

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    We sing and mic's

    Hi i have brought we sing and two microphones, but i can only use one microphone? is there anyway around this??

    Thanks Shaun

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    Buy another microphone.

    As far as I know these sets combine both microphone channels into one feed to the USB connector. I was a bit miffed when I found this out, but I paid peanuts for them so my dismay was short lived.

    Of course seeing as one USB is tied up with my HDD I'd need to buy a hub too as well as another mic. So my kids have to manage with one microphone.
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    sorry when i plug in the mic it tells me i have to update?

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    I bought a combined PS/Xbox/Wii microphone on eBay, but when I plug it in, nothing happens. Same with Guitar Hero Metallica, it tells me to plug in Logitech Microphone. Is it a special microphone I need to buy?
    Thanks, and cheers from Norway!

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    I got it working, had to install Hermes cios 222, and set USB loader to use this (under Settings>Game load), here is the post that helped me out:


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