If i had $170 and a SNES i would get one of these.... LOL

Buy HERE = SNES Flash Purchase ((There are more pics here also))

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Iím a big fan of retro-gaming, mostly because I can play Streetfighter II with my feet, whereas I am hopeless with anything more modern (I once played Left 4 Dead with fellow gadget-blogger John Brownlee and ended up just walking in circles). I dig emulators, but thereís something about playing Mario Kart with the proper Nintendo controller on an actual TV.

Thatís where the SNES/SFC Myth comes in. Itís a SNES cart-shaped flash-memory device with a USB port. You hook it up to your PC, copy over your (ahem) legally acquired game ROMS and stuff the plastic block into the slot on the original console. This lets you play any game on the actual hardware it was designed for, no emulation required. The maker claims compatibility with 99.5% of SNES games (some need you to slot an actual, DSP-containing SNES cart into the side).

The downside? It costs $170. Compared to the prices of the original SNES carts, thatís cheap. Compared to the price of a free emulator application, itís horribly expensive, if retro-tastic. (WIRED)