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Thread: dead space dumping help

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    dead space dumping help

    i'm trying to install my retail copy of Dead space but all i get (this is the first iv ever seen) load an error for a retail disc in the disc channel or neogamma loader.

    secondly when i install it to Config USB loader, it installs like nothings wrong but will load to a error disc problem screen. i saw some post (yes i did a search) that you need the Anti patch on, which i did, that didn't seem to work secondly i tried the 223 or 222 which just loaded blank and lock the wii up.

    any ideas or advice on how to dump this to my wii? like i said even Smash Brothers and MPT works.

    is this by any chance related to Wackcos R19 and USB loader 55b?

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    nvm i fixed the problem, i had to use another source for the game and it worked. funny how i have the game next to me retail and must get a copy from elsewhere.


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