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Thread: Hack Attack Over - wadder (rest in peace) is shutting down

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    Hack Attack Over - wadder (rest in peace) is shutting down

    Just been reading over at WADDER and it looks like they're gonna be shutting down. Such a shame, I've downloaded a lot of stuff off there.

    xuzz (thanks for the good times) wrote:
    I think its time for wadder (rest in peace) to go. The WordPress and PHPBB install is raping the server (from spambots), and the bandwidth is pretty crazy. While still a useful resource, our most-visited members day is nearing a year ago, and we are no longer as active as we once were.

    I think I'm going to shut down wadder (rest in peace).

    I know this site is very useful for a lot of things, so I'd suggest people save copies of their favorite posts/wiki articles/etc, and you could put them online somewhere as a reference. I'd be happy to link to that static copy from the wadder (rest in peace).net URL, on whatever site that ends up pointing to.

    I'm going to post this publicly in a few days, but I thought I'd share with you guys first. Also, please update that thread with all the email addresses and such, I'd really like for the wadder (rest in peace) team to stick around in some form: who knows when another wadder (rest in peace)-like site might appear

    This site has become a total spamfest. There have been very, very few useful posts in a long time. All of the posts were from a select few n00b members in the Off Topic section, so I'd like to say that I agree with xuzz (thanks for the good times)'s decision here. Why am I posting this? Simple. xuzz (thanks for the good times) said for "someone" to post it, and I was the first to read his post.

    The "hacker" that you've seen on the forums the past few days was us, the staff, the mods and admins, playing a final joke on all the members here. We were never hacked, and every staff member was in on it. We even brought Ac1dj back to make the joke seem more real :P

    There are plenty of other Wii resource sites out there, a lot of which post custom channels and themes. It shouldn't be too hard to find these sites for your themes.

    Here are some thank-you's from me personally to the people of wadder (rest in peace):
    Thanks to xuzz (thanks for the good times) for starting this forum/community and having the idea for the original wadder (rest in peace). Your idea built this place, and it's gone a long way.
    Thanks to all staff members. You were fun to work with here, we had a great staff. It's sad that this site will be broken up.
    Thanks to Leathl! I personally think that you taking over as "xuzz (thanks for the good times) 2" helped this site hang on for a little longer.
    Thanks to all the other coders around here. Your contributions helped the site too!
    Thanks to the Wii Theme Team. You guys really made some great stuff. Without you guys, we'd never have such nice themes and channels.

    What you see below is my own view, I do not speak for the entire staff here:
    To me, it seems that about 5 or 6 members are to blame for this site having fallen so far into the gutter. Those who got a red name during the "hack attack" are those who I blame.
    Ron Alva
    wiihackerz101 (you especially, I couldn't stomach you from the day you joined.)
    ...and some others here and there, but you are the main five, for sure.

    You were always off topic. No matter what thread you posted, you would take it off topic in two posts! We figured it was rude to ban you just for that, but you dragged us down into the gutter and below. Now that wadder (rest in peace) is shutting down, I can't wait for you to read this post and complain. The second you do, I'll have the most fun I've ever had on this forum and ban you. It'll feel really good, trust me.

    Now that I'm done ranting, I'd just like to say that although I'm sad to see wadder (rest in peace) go, I agree that its purpose has been served. Farewell everyone.

    Source - WADder - View topic - Hack Attack Over - wadder (rest in peace) is shutting down

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    I remember reading the thread a few weeks ago about xuzz asking what he should do about the site - leave it open as an archive or just close it outright. I think it would've been nice to have as a resource, but with money as a factor (and it almost always is) I can understand the decision. Going through there, all the most valuable information is buried in old threads and getting lost in the haze of wasted conversation. It was good while it lasted, but such is life. On to greener pastures and all that.
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    Pity, I found some really useful info and some wicked apps there.
    If you found this helpful please click the Thanks button.

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    We're rebuilding! - Index page

    It'll be more ruthlessly moderated this time to avoid the "haze of crap" chat.

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