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Thread: here is for all d2sun products test / review channel

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    here is for all d2sun products test / review channel

    here is for all d2sun products test / review channel

    please post your review / testing report here.
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    The SunKey Fusion 3in1 chip in stock now, we will present the free chips + NDP to let some good tester to test this new chip and feedback to us, if you are interesting, please let me know, we will present the SunKey Fusion 3in1 chip + Nero Dual Programmer to you!

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    Sunkey lite v1.3

    Nice, neat antistatic packaging.
    Good quality feeling chip. Dip switches felt a bit cheesy, but usually only ever use them once.
    Very easy installation, the ribbon is the perfect length unlike some other chips (drivekey).
    Everything snaps into place with ease.
    This chip has never failed me once and I have done quite a few using the Sunkey lite.
    It has also played every game I have thrown at it.
    Excellent chip for the $$. Only downfall is that it isn't updatable. But then again for the $$, these chips cant be beat.

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    hmmm ..whoever got those testers chips might want to hurry it up a bit and get the reviews/videos on here for all to see?

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