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Thread: Need help with vc injecting

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    Need help with vc injecting

    Im using ImpalerWadInjector
    I was going to make a few wad's blackthorne and aladdin
    these are ntsc and im using a ntsc dk2 will this work i already made it wad and everything but i dont want to brick my wii.

    I wanted to put sonic 3 and knuckles on a channel and mk1,2,3,u3 what wads should i use to inject these into?

    also im not sure if they found a way to run dk64 or yoshi island is there any wads to inject these into?

    I know there is a list of snes and nes roms you can inject into wad's but its not complete is there any that tell you all including sega wads?

    Also if there is any other wadinjecting programs that allow me to inset the channel logo or is there a program so i can insert the channel picture/ logo?

    When i use say dk2 to inject a rom into and say i have that wad on my channel will that mess with my actuall dk2 game that i already have on my wii dash?

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    i dont want to sound rushy or anything but if anyone can help me with any of these questions that would be awesome i just dont want to do something and brick my wii.

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    Injecting wads is not something that many people attempt since you need a bin file that is not reaily available and usually someone else will do it and put it out there, so there aren't many experts on the subject. I have not heard of anyone bricking a wii due to installing a wad, injected or otherwise. It will either work or it won't in which case you uninstall it. But like everything in this arena, it all comes with some risk which yet another reason people don't want to mess with it. So after all that proceed at your own risk.

    I'm no expert on this subject either, actaully far from it, but from what I have seen is that depending on the console (eg NES, SNES, Genesis, etc) the rom is for, people have used several different wads consistently for injection purposes, e.g. Donkey Kong Country 2 for injecting SNES roms. So check the popular Wad being used for the type of Rom you want to inject and see if it works.

    As far as DK64, one list shows it as not working when injected into "Sin and Punishment (PAL) (iND)" which the was mostly used for N64 roms. The list showed Yoshi Island as not been tested.

    Following is compatibility list which may not be upto date, but will give you an idea what wads people are using for injection for the different system roms.

    Wii.DS-Scene Virtual Console Rom Injection Compatibility

    Another wad injecting app is "AutoInjectuwad Injector V3". the following the guide for it

    NES-Hacks: Your home for Wii and DS Hacking! / How to Use AutoInjectuwad Injector V3

    I hope that answered some of your questions.

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    I am just getting started with this whole deal. I have the homebrew channel on my wii and i have several wads already. There are several games that I want but cant find so I was going to inject them myself. I have heard that when you inject a rom into a wad that the new result will have the same name and picture as the old wad. Is this true for starters? and if it is is there a way to change the picture and name??? Thanks


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