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Thread: Low-Level brick on Unmodded Wii

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    Exclamation Low-Level brick on Unmodded Wii

    Sorry if this problem is answered elsewhere but I've searched for "unmodded" quite a bit here (and google as a whole), and none pertain to the Black Screen of Death.

    Here's the story:

    Launch Wii console (LU10). A week ago I finished playing House of the Dead Overkill, and popped in Brawl. Then I turned on my PS3, and never turned the Wii off (left it on for like 8 hours, but this isn't the first time I've left it on that long). The entire time the Wii kept its green LED.

    I then took my Wii remotes and synced them to my Mac (I use them for Frontrow here and there) like I normally do- except my Wii was on this time, so I turned it off via the power button.

    Once I was done with Frontrow, I turned on my Wii to see a black screen of death. My TV wasn't tuned to the input I had Wii set for.

    Is it possible Wii was downloading an update on its own when I did this? Is it bad now to manually turn off Wii instead of using the remote?

    Anyways, now I have a low-level brick it seems. Wiimotes turn on the system, but won't turn it off. System no longer goes into standby mode (yellow LED). Savemefrii does nothing, though I'm fairly sure the last update was 4.2 (never had to update for Dead Space: Extraction or Wii Sports Resort).

    Is there any way to recover from this? Savemii or something similar, or am I stuck to sending it back to Nintendo? I saw something about using Savemefrii and a legit disc like Brawl to restore, but doesn't this require Drivekey or another mod?

    Please assist. Specs again below:

    Wii System 4.2u (launch unit)
    128MB SD Card
    1059 Memory card
    256 Memory card
    WiiConnect 24 at 802.11g (unprotected, but managed and limited IP pool).

    Are there ANY unbrick techniques for unmodded consoles out there?

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    It is a hardware failure. Leave the wii off and unpluged for sometime. You may need to send it in to nintendo.
    You can review this-
    It could be your wifi or dvd drive, but who knows, you may have fried something.
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