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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri DEMO needs Wii System Update

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    Unhappy Monster Hunter Tri DEMO needs Wii System Update

    Hey guys, as my title says, in order to play my Monster Hunter Tri Demo I need to update my Wii, but I can't do this because it is hacked.
    I'm running 3.3U with Homebrew Channel and I have Backup Launcher, but I don't know what version it is because my friend put it on there for me.
    I read a thread on this earlier and tried doing what it suggested but it didn't work, or I'm doing something wrong, which is probably the case.

    This was the thread:

    I followed the second poster, Ossot's, instructions and installed the 3 IOSes and tried installing the other Backup Launcher, but there were a lot of other files in the Zip File with the Backup Launcher, so I don't know if I installed the correct one.

    To sum it all up, I would like to know if there is any way to play my Monster Hunter Demo without updating.

    Thanks to whoever tries to help!

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    The IOS the game runs on is out of date on your system hence why its asking for you to update.

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    Don't worry I fixed it. Thread can be closed.

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    How did you fix it?

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    ^I am also curious to know

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    I need to know to, cause I am needing help also.

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    I used Gecko OS to run it

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    Im using Gecko OS, sadly all it deoes is go to a black screen and freeze, I have added the supposed wads also, but still nothing.

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