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Thread: Looking for lost cover site

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    Looking for lost cover site

    Hi peeps,

    I need help in locating a Wii cover site, I got just about all of my box art from a site and can't remember what it is called. I lost the site when I had to re-format my PC, and like an idiot I never wrote the url down.

    The Wii section has a mainly yellow-ish screen and has an alphabet bar to navigate with, the covers are available in front, full, 3d and disc and there is an awesome size collection.

    Does anyone know what this site is called cos I need more covers and it's just about the best cover site I've seen.

    Any help with this will be greatfully recieved and is much needed, and Thanx in advance.

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    I use wiitdb
    WiiTDB | Search for a Game
    I also use wiiboxart but they are revamping the site and it takes an age to load up
    Wii Boxart
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    Thanx guys , I found the site I was looking for.
    It was Wii Boxart, doesn't look same as I remember it though.
    But it still has to be one of, if not THE best Wii cover art sites there is.
    Thanx again.


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