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Thread: SSMBB Problem - movies not playing, IOS error?

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    Red face SSMBB Problem - movies not playing, IOS error?

    Hi, I've recently purchased a USB hard drive for my Wii, and have been happily using many backups without problem, through use of USB Loader GX, until I decided I wanted to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl, that is
    The game in and of itself, works fine, the problem is that whenever I enter the 'Subspace Emissary' mode, I can play the level okay, but when a movie is meant to play, I just get the first movie - the one with Mario & Kirby getting ready to fight each other - again. and again. and again. and...I think you get where I'm coming from
    I was looking through the problems that other people have had with SSMBB, and they often seem to be resolved by installing specific Ios'...and I was just wondering if this could be my problem too?
    I've installed Hermes CIos thing, but I'm not sure if I've done it right, so if anyone could send me a link to a step-by-step guide, that'd be awesome, and some advice on what IOS to use when I boot the game wouldn't go unnoticed either XD

    Muchos Gracias!

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    I use hermes v4 and i load the game using ios222

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    Did you download the DVD-5 Version as this had the videos removed so it would fit on a normal DVD-5. The DVD-9 version has all the videos..
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