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Thread: Semi-Bricked Wii, not too many programs to help

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    Semi-Bricked Wii, not too many programs to help

    I was in the process of installing everything needed for a Wii to use a USB loader for a friend, long story short the wii semi bricked in that I think is one of the IOS files. The wii boot but will not play original games, gives black screen. Bootmii some how got uninstalled in the process, but I do have a nand backup of the wii. So here is what works and what dosn't work as far as HB.

    Banner Bomb works only with Trucha Bug Restorer, I get to the main page, I can NOT push A only B, and have tried to downgrade but get an error every time, I have the proper WAD files installed on the SD card they just home up with an error every time, as well as the network will not connect, keeps on saying corrupt.

    Anyone have any idea what could be going on?

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    Need more info. What guide were you following, what version u on, what makes u think think it is an ios problem did u uninstall any u shouldn't?

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    Only you know what you've done and the words you've posted so fasr doesn't really help.

    What guide did you follow?
    Which items did you install?

    A Wii only needs HBC, a cIOS and USB Loader's boot.dol to run.

    Considering that you've lost bootmii I would guess that you've updated to 4.2, this would also remove your cios. Did you do this?

    Some clues would be great.
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    As has been said, more info.

    While your at it, bannerbomb and post the cvs report here.
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