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Thread: Turning Wii Applications into .iso files

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    Turning Wii Applications into .iso files

    Hi does anyone know how to turn a wii application, say anytitledeleter or ocarina cheat app into a file that can be burned to a disc & booted on a wii(iso)? I've seen it done before & I want to do it myself for tests.


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    yeah its possible but ive never found the need for it myself because ie files being updated on a regular basis & the fact that it would be a waste of a disc? Go on the Homebrew Browser there is an app on there if i remember right if not try at wiibrew they will have it
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    Yeah this isn't that simple. It's about creating discs of applications that can boot in a brick scenario. Preferably the disc must be recognized by the wii like backup wii & gc games, without the need for Trucha Bug or other fakesign means. It may sound impossible but still I'd like to know a method so I can experiment at home.



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