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Thread: Wasabi DX vs Drivekey

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    Wasabi DX vs Drivekey

    I have a drivekey and softmodded wii currently. I have another wii that I'd like to chip also. Which chip is better

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    I would have to say between these 2, the wasabi would be the better chip just for the support from the devs.

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    I have a wasabi dx, the chip functions without issue. It will autoboot, do region free and block disk updates. Also if your drive supports you can install it as a zero, which will read @6x, otherwise it reads at 3x like most others. One thing it does not does, which some chips do is block updates by region, but that is a bad idea anyway now, you will not ever want to update past 4.1.

    If you are already on 4.2, the chips will not function in region free mode. Only in region games, this is for all chips. Also 3x disk read suffers from some lags in cine clips of some games, and there is an issue with gc audio sync. These issues are not limited to the wasabi or the drivekey, it is simply a result of the slower read speed.
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    they are both good chips, the support from wasabi has been nothing short of great though
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    You have probably already chosen already, but worth to mention is that Wasabi has proven themselves with the support for all their chips...One of the few(if not the only) groups that have released updates to deal with BCA protection for their old chips as well


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