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Thread: What is my wii doing??

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    Question What is my wii doing??

    so i was softmodding my wii and i installed priiloader, (I am completly new to to softmodding so I didnt know anything about it. I have since learned never to use priiloader!) Anyway now when I turn my wii on its a black screen and it says 4.2U in the bottom right hand corner. I am really hoping someone can tell me what happened and how i can fix it.

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    If you hold the reset button when you power on does priiloader boot up?
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    nope, stays the same.
    **** Nevermind i just got it to pop up
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    If you have not figured it out already, you need to disable the "force standard recovery menu" in the priiloader hacks.
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    I enabled a lot of the options on the system menue hacks and apperently I shouldnt have lol. But I got it all worked out and my wii is working fine now


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