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Thread: latest version of gamecube backup lancher

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    latest version of gamecube backup lancher

    hello guys i installed,cios rev19
    then i clicked on mios patcher and it wasn't in black in white it was all colorful,
    now when i go to neogamma and boot up gc game it says
    gamecube backup loader 1.1
    what happened to the green cube?
    did i got the newest version?
    i think i switched from rev2 to 3
    from gamecube backup launcher 0.2
    to gamecube backup loader 1.1?
    Wich one is better?
    Help would be appreciated.

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    Gamecube backup launcher 0.2 has the greatest compatability with games. You haven't downgraded you just need to install the app either as a channel or use Homebrew Channel. And dont use Neogamma to load gamecube games, its best to use the app i just mentioned.
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    thanks man,but what was that?
    gamecube backup loader 1.1?
    is it an older one?

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    what you are talking about is what you see when booting a multi ISO disc. try booting a multi ISO disc and a disc that has just one game on it to see the difference. I have Noegamma r6 and that uses GameCube backup launcher 0.1 Xi. I think the newer versions of NeoGamma use Gamecube Backup launcher 0.2.

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    yup now i switched to the green
    i will just wait until a new one comes.

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