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Thread: Is there an SD Loader that works with the new 002?

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    Is there an SD Loader that works with the new 002?

    I've been looking all over for a decent SD loader but I haven't found anything that will let me load games from the front SD slot. I'm looking for an SD loader similar to Waninkoko's 1.5, but that one is severely outdated and doesn't seem to fix 002 errors (judging purely by date of release), and it seems very incompatible with the new games.

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    Search more...... or.... try this link: Software Backup Loaders
    3.2E, Wiikey1 1.99, SD:1gb/HD:320gb, BootMii@Boot2, HBC 1.1.2, PriiLoader 0.8beta4, cIOSx r21 d2x-v10beta53, CFG USB Loader Mod v70r65, WiiMC 1.3.4
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    Neogamma R7 has a built in 002 fix and allows you to load from USB/SD/Disc. Download and unzip the .wad from here:
    NeoGamma R7-NGR7.rar

    Install the .wad file using WAD Manager


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