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Thread: Some General Info On Nintendo Wii

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    Post Some General Info On Nintendo Wii

    *512 MBs built in NAND Flash Memory
    *Disc Drive capable with 8 cm Gamecube Discs and 12 cm Wii Optical Discs
    *SD Card Slot (Supports up to 32GB on consoles on 4.0 FW and up to 2 GB on consoles with FW under 4.0)
    *Two Gamecube Card Slots

    *CPU: PowerPC "Broadway" Processor @ 729 MHz
    *GPU: ATI "Hollywood GPU @ 243 MHz

    *88 MiB Main Memory (24 MiB 1T-SRAM integrated into Graphics Package; 64 MiB GDDR3 SDRAM)
    *3 MiB GPU Texture Memory

    *Up to 480p or 576p
    *Standard 4:3/Wide Screen 16:9

    *Main: Stereo - Dolby Pro Logic II
    *Controller: Built-In Speaker

    Ports and Supported Peripherals
    *Up To Four WiiMotes (Connected Via Bluetooth)
    *Up To Four Gamecube Controllers (Connected with Wire)
    *Two USB2.0 Ports for LAN Adapter or Instruments
    *Sensor Bar Port

    *Mitsumi DWM-W004 WiFi 802.11b/g wireless module
    *USB2.0 to Ethernet LAN Adapter

    General Info
    The Nintendo Wii is a seventh-generation console released by Nintendo on November 19th, 2006. This console previously had the code name of 'Revolution' The Wii was originally priced at $250.00/179 but has recently seen a $50.00/33.22 price drop. The Wii currently dominates the Video game market as it has shipped over 67.25 Million units worldwide. Online services include Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, WiiConnect24 and Wii Shop Channel.

    Legal Issues
    -Interlink Electronics filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Nintendo over the WiiMote's pointing feature.

    -Green Welling LLP (Law Firm) filed a class action lawsuit against Nintendo for its said 'defective' WiiMote wrist straps.

    -A Company called Lonestar Inventions based in Texas had also sued Nintendo claiming that Nintendo copied one of their patented capacitor designs which had been used in the Wii.

    -Hillcrest Laboratories Inc filed a complaint against Nintendo. This complaint stated that Nintendo's WiiMote infringed three of its patents and possibly a fourth. Hillcrest Inc looked for a ban on Nintendo Wii consoles imported into the United States. Fortunately, Nintendo and Hillcrest had reached an agreement.

    -Anascape Ltd also had filed a lawsuit against Nintendo for patent infringements. A ban had been issued on Nintendo preventing them from selling classic controllers in the USA. Nintendo is still free to sell these controllers in the USA as they are pending an appeal to the 'U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit'

    -The original trademark; The Wii Remote was initially rejected by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) due to the term 'Remote's wide use.
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    Thanks alot

    THANKS to your precious information

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    where do i get a good working copy of raw dump to make back ups or does that even work for making isos

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    Wow, seems everyone wants a piece of the pie when you are nintendo. Never realized they had so many legal troubles with the wii.
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    don't worry they sold so many consoles and have the power ($$$) to hold their own.


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