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Thread: Sunkey Fusion 3in1 * NEW!!!!

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    Thumbs up Sunkey Fusion 3in1

    1st pics and Specs of the new D2sun Fusion.... We had this info here when? 2 weeks ago!!!

    Now officially released March 20/2010

    The last D2sun Product: SunKey-Fusion chip released, it is the best value chip in the market!

    The Sunkey Team will soon be officially announcing the Sunkey Fusion 3in1. This new product combines the features and functionality of three of their popular products. D2Sun v3.08, Sunkey 2.1 and the Wii-Clip.

    SunKey Fusion 3in1 SPEC:
    * Plug and play,solderless with the SunKey mode, and partial solderless with D2Sun mode
    * SunKey mode come with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
    * Support D5/D9 games
    * Support homebrew roms
    * Support GC games
    * Support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware via Nero Dual Programmer, never outdate
    * Offer 3 working mode: SunKey / D2Sun / Combo
    * Comes with external switch configure board, can swap the 3in1 chip working at SunKey 3X mode or D2Sun 6X mode in real time
    * Comes with original Wii-Clip, solderless for all old model Wii driver, just plug and play
    * D2Sun mode come with the last 6 wires firmware
    * Support the last BCA Protection
    * Supports all chipsets DMS,D2A,D2B,D2C,D2C2 and D2E, 100% ALL-IN-1 solution
    * Supports the pins-cut D2B Wii without grinding the chip, just place the clip on chip like other versions.
    * Compatible with DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW and Dual-layer 8.5G DVD (movies and GCOS)
    * Comes with 2~8Mbit on board SPI flash
    * Comes with 24M on board CLK, 100% work stable on all Wiis, without any CLK problem
    * Direct boot of Wii original and backup games from the same region
    * Direct boot of Gamecube original and backup games from the same region
    * Direct boot of different NTSC region Wii and GC games on USA and JAP consoles
    * Partial region free support on Wii and GC original and backup games with different video mode (ie PAL<->USA, JAPAN,KOR)
    * Improved read settings for recordable media
    * Supports running GC games at Wii disk speed
    * GC Audio streaming Fix (D2Sun mode)
    * Supports full-size DVD and DVD9 discs for GC homebrew
    * Supports Wii and GC multidisc games (D2Sun mode)
    * Does not modify RAM, making it virtually undetectable for the Wii
    * Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller
    * Two LEDs indicate the D2SUN working status
    * High speed and high secure Actel FPGA
    * Professional ESD packing
    * Comes with Region Lock and Safe Upgrade function, can let you run the game and upgrade the game 100% safely, no way to brick your wii in almost any situation

    More information will be available soon at the Official Site. will, of course, be the one of the first with news and updates so keep checking back!

    WiiHacks no risk guarantee!! ... Always buy from our recommended stores : Modchip-Depot.comor
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    does this override a softmod? would be good as i couldnt get some stuff to work e.g.SNEEK .....

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    3 in 1 sounds like a good move as it combines the strengths of all 3 modchips into 1 conveinent package.


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