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Thread: How do you get Action Replay to work with GC Backup Launcher?

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    How do you get Action Replay to work with GC Backup Launcher?

    As the heading says. I've tried and tried but no luck. Any suggestions. I can't find the answer through searching.

    I am told that it is very unlikely that AR will work because although there is "support for AR", it is unlikely that the dol will support backups. Don't really understand why there is "support" for AR in a Backup Launcher that doesn't work with backups but that seems to be the case.
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    Which version of cMIOS do you have installed?

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    AH,,,how will I find that? done so much iosing that its all a bit confusing. I ran Mios patcher as part of the install.

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    Well from what I remember I think you may need to install cMIOS v3 to get it working.

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    I don't remember that one. If I install it will it do anything to my other revs?

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    I'm not sure to be honest but GC loading only requires cMIOS which can be uninstalled and installed with the installer app.

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    Thanks. I'ii try that/

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    No...still no access to AR. Screen turns black when I press B.


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