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Thread: [Wasabi DX] How to play .wad files like World of Goo

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    [Wasabi DX] How to play .wad files like World of Goo


    I've a Wii with the Wasabi DX chip installed, firmware 4.2e, and no homebrew channels,
    I'd really like to play the game World of Goo, but that is a .wad file and not an .iso. How to proceed next? Just burn it on a DVD a play it, or will this brick my Wii or just nog work at all?
    Or do I hace to do something else to make it possible to play .wad files? and if so could someone help me in the right direction with, for example, a tutorial?


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    you will need to follow the softmod tutorial, hardmod + softmod = a good idea.

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    Thanks for the quick respons. But will I still be able to load back-ups from DVD or will I be stuck with the usb-loader from then on. Because I read that with 4.2e (installed on black Wii) and a softmod only the usbloader will work. Or will it still be possible to load actual DVD's because of my Wasabi DX?

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    @davepm or others: I too have a Wasabi DX installed on an otherwise virgin Wii 4.2e. I am considering to softmod my Wii in order to play WiiWare and run MediaPlayer CE. I assume I can skip some of the steps in the softmod guide, since I do not need softmod support to play backup games - but which steps?!


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