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Thread: Loading previous wiiware save game data in triforce

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    Loading previous wiiware save game data in triforce


    first of all, thanks for all the info on the site, has been great.

    so here is my question.

    i have been playing world of goo and have my save game file just on the wii.

    recently i decided i would get triforce up and running for my wiiware games, which has worked successfully. however one thing when i load up world of goo through triforce i can't seem to load my previous saved game data?

    is there a way around this?

    and then if anyone has a bit more time...
    when i load media player ce off my sd card it works fine. however if i try to load it off the usb external drive it wont load and says error? i have copied and pasted the the root files of both so sd card and external have the same files etc. any ideas?



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    To your first question, the only thing i can think of is:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinyk
    Q8. Triiforce did not save my options for a game.
    A8. If you are using Triiforce_MRC_SS, it saves a config file for every console type you load, including the ALL option. To see the config you saved for a game, load the same console type the next time. If you save a config on a particular console type then load ALL games, the config will not be there as ALL is loaded from a separate config file
    To the second question, im not sure really, how are you trying to launch mplayer ce? If you are using a forwarder, they wont all work for usb, you might need to find another one.

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    hmm not sure if that will work.

    so the issue is i have a save game for world of goo (could be any wiiware game i suppose) which i played on before having install trifroce. so i loaded world of goo as a channel after installing the wad normally.

    i now use triforce to play my wiiware and want to be able to load my previous save game data (which is on the wii) so i don't have to redo the levels. is this possible?

    and further to that, if it isnt possible, and i start again in world of goo, would that add another saved game file to my wii, or does it add it to the nand?

    and then mplayer ce is installed through homebrew not as a channel or anything like that. the root on the usb has all the right files, and it is fat32 active. any ideas?


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    Did u use a nand dump from when u first got your wii to run triiforce from?

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    no its a more recent nand dump which had all my previous wii ware on.

    i did then delete those wiiware games using show mii wads before adding the new ones, maybe that has something to do with it?

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