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Thread: M3DS Real and M3i Zero firmware 4.7h, Sakura 1.46 released

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    Arrow M3DS Real and M3i Zero firmware 4.7h, Sakura 1.46 released

    Another update, the M3 team is superb, constantly updating the firmware.
    TouchPod and Sakura have both been updated

    DOWNLOAD - FileTrip - M3 Sakura + TouchPod for M3 Real... 1.46X + 4.7hX - updated 3-5-10
    The download includes M3 Sakura v1.46X 5th Edition (M22) + TouchPod v4.7hX (M65)
    Thanks goes to Densetsu3000 for that package

    Extract the system folder from the download and place it on your microSD card.

    Change Log of 4-3-2010 4.7h
    1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4753,4763
    2.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 4698,4701,4739,4747,4736,4742,4746,4751,4752,4756
    3.Fix the compatibility of game 4292,4467,4535,4736,4737,4738,4739,4742,4746,4747,4751,4752,4755,4756,4760,4761
    (game tested up to 4763)

    Or, visit the M3DS/M3i Zero download page Download-HandHeldSources
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