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Thread: de Blob 2

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    de Blob 2

    sorry, no pictures of de Blob 2 yet

    During an investors conference call yesterday, THQ President and CEO Brian Farrell announced that a de Blob 2 sequel will be coming to Wii in fiscal 2011.

    "Our de Blob franchise will be back again in fiscal 2011," stated Farrell. "We successfully launched this highly-rated franchise in fiscal 2009 to broad, critical acclaim." Initially developed by a small group of college students, de Blob puts players in control of a ball of color with the mission to jump around and repaint a barren city. The evil INKT Corporation has been removing color from the world, spreading lies that color is dangerous in order to secretly mine color and sell it overseas. Left with a monochrome city of gray buildings, players take on the role of a hero referred to as "The Blob," which is literally a transparent blob with ears that grows a face and arms when stationary.

    THQ's unique action puzzler took home five awards at the annual Games Developers' Association of Australia (GDAA) Awards in 2008. It received "Best Console Title", "Best Gameplay", "Best Graphics" and Best Audio" along with the coveted "Best Game" award.

    source - THQ Says de Blob Sequel Coming To Wii
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    I'm actually playing de Blob at the moment and really enjoying it - large levels, plenty of collectables and just downright fun to play (and one of the few games I've played with genuinely funny cut-scenes). Will certainly be following development of this sequel closely. I just hope I finish the first one before number 2 hits the shops.


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