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Thread: bricked wii dvd drive!! help!!

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    Question bricked wii dvd drive!! help!!

    my mate asked me to have a look at his wii after it stopped loading disc's, and it seemed to have scratched up wii resorts and mario kart!!

    and i found a 20p and 5p in drive also a old dvd rammed backwards into drive, apparently there 3yr old fault,

    the drive wont accept any discs at all makes a cracking noise, it does if you push a little harder than normal after a few attempts accept the disc it only goes in 3/4 and starts spinning, kinda like when u eject disc normally, i really think it's the drive that's fubared because the menu still comes up and all the wad games work,

    is there any way to replace just the drive?? if i were to remove all soft mod and make virgin how much would nind charge to fix drive??
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    You can replace the drive. You could buy a drive for around $30. You could also buy a bricked wii and use its drive $20-60.

    If the wii is still working, I would just run the wii through our softmod guide again, then load games from usb.
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