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Thread: Hardmod Wii 3.4u

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    Hardmod Wii 3.4u

    I want to add the USB loader and what I can see is that I need to add the HomeBrew and then can add the USB Loader. My Wii system is currently Hardmodded and running on Version 3.4u, my question is should I update (via Nintendo)my system so then I can just use the latest instructions 4.2 or can someone direct me on where to get the older Softmod instructions.


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    Go to the tutorial and guides section Follow that guide it well give you the option to use the safe updater to get to 4.1 as there is no need to go to 4.2.

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    Ok so I think I have my Wii softmod, the only issue is everytime I turn on my Wii now I have to use the console and press the Reset button to select either 4 different things. ( 1. Wii Home 2. Home Brew 3. SD 4. Info.) How can I get rid of this and just have the Wii start on the normal page. The remote does not work as well until I select one of the 4 options. ANy help would be get.

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    rename the bootmii folder or delete it off the sd card once you've backed it up somewhere else.
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