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Thread: Can't run Rick Dangerous or SD Explorer

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    Can't run Rick Dangerous or SD Explorer

    I have downloaded both these from Homebrew Browser and via PC but all I get is a black screen. Do these work with SDHC? Otherwise what might be the cause. All my other HB runs well.

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    Am having same problem. It works fine on SD card but when I got a larger SDHC card it wont run just get black screen. Everything else on card works. Any ideas anyone?

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    First, only Wiis using system menu 4.0. 4.1 or 4.1 will support SDHC cards. So make sure of that.
    Next, format the the SDHC cards as FAT32.
    Support of SDHC is by the system menu, not all Homebrew apps will provide support.
    Last, Homebrew apps can be rather fussy about SD cards, make sure you are using a high-quality SD card.


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