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Thread: My wii remote is automaticlly repeatly pressing a on its own

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    My wii remote is automaticlly repeatly pressing a on its own

    My wii remote is automaticlly repeatly pressing a on its own

    I recently just got Anyregion change but i havent really used it i just want to try to change my japanese Nintendo wii 3.2J ( modded with wiikey ) to english, i on anyregion change i only changed the langauage settings to english then i saved it then quit but it didnt work. everything was still japanese. So i dcided to play Naruto ex 2, my wii remote just keeps pressing A over and over and over doesnt stop ?

    Any clue why ? i was thinking it was the anyregion change, but i changed the langauge back to Jap but it still didnt work ? i really need help, i cant play any games cause of my wii remote. Iv never droped my wii remote, battery was charged and everyhing.

    any suggestions plz.


    - Ray

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    I take it you only have 1 wiimote....
    try taking the batteries out and putting them back in...
    and if you haven't ..power rebook

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    Ohya i tried that alot i even tried reseting the wii remote.

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    would a config disk fix my problem ? im new to this

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    OK so i tried all my jap games and usa, pal games, my wii remote wont work for all of them, i can jump block for soul calibur legends but i cant attack ? the a button doesnt do anything this time.

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    Ok when i unpluged the nunchuck i could fight using the buttons on the wiimote but the sensor on the wiimote wasnt working ? any clue ?? this is when i unpluged the nunchuck ?

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    See if the information in the following thread might help

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    Ill try that thankyou, but my wii motes work on menue screen and everything but messes up in games ?

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    i really dont wanna open my wii, though.

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    nvm it all works again, i just unplugged everything, took out the batteries from the wii mote, plugs from the wii, left it off/unplugged for 1 hour. Then pluggged everything then boom it all works again.

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