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    wiimote emulator

    I was wondering has anyone heard of an emulator for the wii remote. not to run the wii remote on the computer but to have my computer act as the remote. I was out of morbid curiosity trying to find out if it's possible to creat software to play a game for you like the mario kart time trials, guitar hero, or wii bowling for intance. thought it might be fun to tweek these game and see if it's doable.

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    Nope never heard or think thats even possible but if you want to get though things like time trials in mario kart you could always use the ocarina cheat engine to help you(for eg infinite boost)
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    well I was more than likely trying to see if I could get a character to run the same line as a ghost. I figured I wouldn't be trying to win anything that's just to complicated. but I figured if the remote can send numbers or information to the wii and we can read that, then shouldn't we be able to generate it? more of an experiment than a cheat

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