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Thread: Enthusiasts flood game enquirey with 55,000 responses!!

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    Exclamation Enthusiasts flood game enquirey with 55,000 responses!!

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    VIDEO game enthusiasts have flooded a government inquiry into whether an R 18+ rating is needed for interactive games, with 55,000 submissions received.

    Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said the response to the computer games discussion paper showed there was a high level of interest in the Australian community.

    But the Australian Christian Lobby has challenged the consultation process, arguing that commercial interests have been trying to deny the link between violent video games and aggression.

    "We believe that gaming industry claims that such a link is unproven are reminiscent of the tactics of tobacco companies in questioning the link between smoking and lung cancer," the lobby says in its March newsletter.

    Games lobby Grow Up Australia said the classification system needed to be changed so adults could play games as they were meant to be played.

    The discussion paper and public submissions are likely to be on the agenda at the next meeting of state and territory attorneys-general.

    The federal Attorney-Generals Department will now prepare a report on the merits of an adult classification for computer games for the Standing Committee of Attorneys General.

    The public consultation that began in December has now closed.


    w00t 55,000 responses

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    There is such a rating here in the USA, but parents buy the games for their kids anyways. I think that the Australian Christian Lobby is just throwing their money away, in the long run, this will probably do nothing. On the other hand, imagine playing online without dealing with all the punk kids.

    ESRB in the USA


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