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Thread: ThemeMii 0.4 is released

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    ThemeMii 0.4 is released

    ThemeMii 0.4 is a manager for Wii Themes.
    The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application!
    thanks goes to Lethal for this app.

    It's currently able to:

    * Load mym files and edit them
    * Create new mym files
    * Create a csm from any mym
    * Create a mym from a csm
    * Browse through base app's for path's (including TPL preview)
    * Download base app's from NUS
    * Automatically manage source's and image width and height
    Remeber only install themes if you have Bootmii/boot2 with a nand backup and priiloader

    Source - thememii - Project Hosting on Google Code
    Download -
    WiiBrew - ThemeMii - WiiBrew

    Version 0.4
    - Fixed bricking CSMs when contents doesn't exists in original app
    - Fixed installing to nand backup
    Version 0.3
    - Added a little tutorial on how to change the health screen (in the ?-menu)
    - Added ability to drag a mym file onto the window to open it
    - Window location and size will now be saved
    - Added option to save the nand backup path
    - Added option to take image width and height from the selected TPL
    - Fixed some bugs when saving/creating mym
    - Fixed "No Entries Left" error when files have no extension
    - Fixed base app downloading to different locations than the app directory
    - Fixed base app browsing
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    Great tool, I used 0.3 to make my avatar theme. I like the way it completely extracts the system menu for you so you can navigate and see how it is structured. The auto handle containers and sources options are really handy and saved me hours of scripting. Now that it fixes bricking csm it gives that extra security against errors. I say that anybody wanting to try their hand at making themes needs to try out this program.
    Remeber only install themes if you have Bootmii/boot2 with a nand backup and priiloader
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    System Menu 4.2U | Wiiflow 1.1 r28mod
    Bootmii/Boot2 | Priiloader 0.4
    cIOSx rev19, base ios57 | Hermes v5 (202 ios60/222 ios38/223 ios37/224 ios57)

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    Agree'd! One issue I encountered though. It CAN open other already created mym files however I've found that If you change something in a previously created mym file that was not created with thememii it bricks.... Thank god for boot2... I tried the little health screen tutorial included and it worked alright but when I opened DarkWii to try to change it's health screen I got a brick.... Not anything that I had to restore nand or anything but I did have to force HBC on startup and re-install a safe CSM. Also I'm not 100% sure but I think that it automatically changes your PNG's into TPL files.

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    great program indeed, I used to custom my own castlevania aeon theme, which is going perfectly except for one thing, there I want help :

    I wish to create my theme so the "Wii Menu" and "Start" buttons (Channel title), and the buttons on the wii message boards (close, show, send, etc...) become black and white circled with a bloody red color, but it wont! I found the correct files, and when I put my image there, it becomes a big transparent button with a little white and blue on it (ugly). Is there a way so it becomes like I want? And also, is it possible to change the menu backgroud? I'm tired of seeing gray lines.

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