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Thread: Having some problems with USB Loaders/Ciso's

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    Having some problems with USB Loaders/Ciso's

    Hey, I am currently having some trouble getting USB Loaders to work.

    First of all, I am trying to get either Wii flow or USB Loader GX working as I have both on my Wii.

    Here is the problem... 4.2U for reference.

    USB Loader GX won't recongize my USB stick on CISO 249, and CISO 222 freezes if I click it.


    Wiiflow will not recognize my USB stick on CISO 249, on CISO 222 it will recognize it, I can load the game sometimes, (have played it) other times (more often then not) the wii will go to a black screen and my DVD drive will blink blue. Then I am forced to reboot.

    I don't know much but I could have doen something wrong with the Ciso install packs, tried numerous types and revisions, just nothing seems to work.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Possibly delete the iso's I have installed and start scratch with whatever I am supposed to do? I dont know I am kind of lost right now.
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    Have you tried another different brand of USB stick to rule a compatibility issue out? Also certain sizes seem more prone to issues (like the larger ones above 8gb, or so some have said).

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    Please limit your cross-posting and choose one forum, not two on this subject (re: newbies and over here).


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