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Thread: MH3 demo - My thoughts

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    Question MH3 demo - My thoughts

    Ok so I just finished playing about 2 hours of the MH3 demo and I'm going to post up some thoughts on it.

    The game is best played with a classic controller or classic controller pro if you have one and it took me about 30 minutes to get the controls down (dual analogue). Walking around and such is self explanatry while the more advanced things such as combat take some time to learn as they consist of stringing together different combos using the X, A and R butttons which can lead to some serious damage depending on which character class your playing as.

    The graphics in this game are definately some of the best looking Wii graphics too date and it definately shows.

    The game requires some form of strategy due to the imposed time limit. You can set traps to lure in the monster, work in teams and use items to distract the monsters while you move in for an attack. Your weapon looses its power over time and requires some maintainence which is basically using a whetstone to resharpen it.

    Every class has its own advantages and disadvantages some may have extremely high offensive capabilites while no way of defending themselves while others may be able to attack in quick sucession but at the cost of being able to use powerful attacks.


    If theres anything else I can think of adding I will later and this game will definately be worth buying when it finally gets a release.

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