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Thread: Mplayer problems

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    Mplayer problems

    I have a couple of problems with Mplayer using DVD
    1. If i select file and play a VOB. I get a lot of interference as if it hasn't got the correct codec (or something like that) lots of screeching sound and pixellation.
    2. I can't find a player that allow me to put a DVD in and use a cursor controller to go through the initial menu system. For example, I have a Kaiser Chiefs video that has a Live at Leeds and also another live performance. I can't select one of them.

    I can play the DVD from the beginning using Mplayer 0.76 or 0.77 as I can select the DVD play option that skips the intro and menu parts, but then I can't skip to the correct part of the DVD to see the second concert.
    On my ACDC I can't skip to the track I want (Highway to hell is last track on the DVD).
    Any ideas ?

    Oh - a problem with Homebrew - I installed 0.77 manually and Homebrew upadted it to 0.76 and I lost all my configuration and modified menu text !!!

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    Dog Eggs reported a problem with .76 and he recommended .75 (no mention of .77); did you check his thread here on the subject of mplayer?

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    you should have a look at homebrew browser this is mega cool loads of apps for dvd, music, games, and emulators among tuns of other cool stuff link below

    Homebrew Browser - WiiBrew
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    John - so what do you recommedn that plays VOB files, or are you guessing and not done it yourself. Mplayer obviously is obtained from HBC although it still has 0.76 that overwrites 0.77.
    I have tried all others but nothing seesm to play VOB files from my USB hard drive.

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    Why don't you just convert the files ?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    So I rent a video and have to convert before I watch it !!!
    I am trying to see if mplayer will work properly. I could obviously use my DVD player but the whole point is o use the Wii as a mulitimedia device.

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    yes but using it to load from multimedia from the SD Card or USB port is wiser. If you use the wii as a dvd player for an extended amount of time, the lens will burn out. You have to keep in mind that the wii was not meant to play DVDs. Its best to convert the video to .avi and watch it from the SD card or USB port. Less wear and tear on your lenses so that they will last longer.
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    I think you will find that the problem with using the Wii DVD is a rumour - have you had problems yourself ? There have been a few threads where people are quite happy. Technically why should the lens 'burn out' it is a CD/DVD player, nothing special so would not burn out anymore than it would on my PC. I have NEVER hear of a DVD lens burning out and used CD/DVD equipment for years. The DVD was built into the Wii for continuous use by games, so should be resilient.
    There is no way I want to convert stuff to .AVI unless it is my own and that is a terrible waste of time. Mplayer does play a DVD sucessfully, I use it often, but it just has a problem with VOBs

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    It is harder on it then wii games are and just because you have never had to replace one does not mean that they dont sometimes "die". This doesn't mean if you use your wii for DVD's that it will ruin it but it's added wear and tear.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    And i dont understand why people want to play DVD's on the Wii....

    1. They Look like Crap (get your self a dvd-upscaler or BR)
    2. Risk of buring out the Drive
    3. Pain in the @ss

    If you really want to watch movies on the wii DL them and stream thenm through SMB!!!!!

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