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Thread: PAL games on NTSC Wii

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    PAL games on NTSC Wii

    I just installed the Argon modchip in my NTSC Wii. I have been able to play all NTSC games, but I had downloaded like 15 PAL games and none of them will work. Is there a trick to getting them to work?

    Also, I downloaded some things like "SNES Emulator with 800+ Roms for Wii" and "All Mario Games", stuff that isn't really a Wii game, what do I have to do to get the Wii to recognize them as well? Another one was Virtual Console games, do I have to do something special to put them on my Wii?


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    I'm not very familiar with the workings of the Aragon, according to the web site "Partial regional Patch (work on 80% of games) - SUPPORTED FROM FIRMWARE 1.3"

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    If you have the Emulator packs, then it would be recognized as a Gamecube disc and you can run the emulated games from the DVD. For VC games you need to install the Homebrew channel first befroe you can install VC games. Check out the following tutorial.


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