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Thread: wiiware problems

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    wiiware problems

    Okay so im trying to install some wiiware wads and im having a few issues...first off i had downloaded dr.mario online wad file and installed it using wadmanger and it works fine but when i try other .wad files such as the wiiware game harvest moon:my little shop it wont freezes when it says installing contents #10.... for now im assuming it is a bad .wad file since the other one worked but then i read about how some wiiware wont work unless i have a certain updated do i tell what ios i am currently using? do i tell what ios im installing the .wad to?...and how do install new ios' (with trucha bug on them) and use them(and know wiether or not my wii is running that new ios)??? also i tried using dopios mod (or something like that) and installed ios54 and ios56 with hash check and then went to wad manager and saw the ios and tried to download the wad on that one and i got an error-1029 (i believe that was the number)!!! thank you in advanced..

    My wii is running system menu 4.2u and i have a custom theme on it if that makes a difference...

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    Wrong section, this is the lounge just so you know for future refernece.

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