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Thread: Semi Brick I Think ????

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    Semi Brick I Think ????

    Hello Guys/Gals

    I have done some research in regards to my problem with wii (Pal) i cant access settings (Opera) so i take it i have semi bricked my wii. I think this was done by accidently updating the firware to 4.2 but not a pal 4.2. So my question is this "If its a different region4.2 can i get hold of a pal game that as 4.2 and overwrite my current setup??? as i know that 4.2 is the latest firmware.

    Regards in advance

    which pal games have 4.2 update on them

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    just use wadmanager to install the correct ios and system menu for your region (ios70 for 4.2)

    There is currently only one game with 4.2, that is endless ocean 2, but updating a softmodded wii from a disc update is dangerous.

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    Thanks davepm for replying , ok i have got homebrew channel installed on my wii which includes wad manager 1.4 , i have had a browse on youtube on how to do this but dont seem to be getting anywhere could you point me in the right direction for a step by step guide on how to install correct ios and menu ?

    regards in advance

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    Have a look here to get your ios and system menu -

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    Thanks pob

    just what i need



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