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Thread: Drivekey 1.0 with black screen both OG games and Backups

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    Drivekey 1.0 with black screen both OG games and Backups

    I bought a bunch of Drivekeys about 9 months ago. They have been working great in all the Wii's I put them in until now. I just installed 2 drivekeys into D2E epoxy wii's and now I am having problems. Both D2E wiis are on 3.2U. I am getting the Black Screen "an error has occurred. Press the Eject Button,remove the Game disc, and turn the power OFF. Please read the Wii Operations Manual for more information." errors.

    I get this with Both Origional games and Backups. Here is where it gets weird. I get them after the game has been playing a little while. Some games work flawlessly. The main game so far is Tiger Woods 09 and the 2 wii's are playing against each other via internet. 1 game is the Origional and it will mess up with the black screen. the other one is a backup and it also errors. anyone else having problems similar to this?? I also noticed that I will still get the black screen error if I play TW 09 by myself without playing on the internet. usually around hole 2 or 3. I must also add that TW09 is not the only game getting Black screen errors.

    Neither wii is soft modded nor have they ever been hard modded before. I have installed a lot of hard mods, D2cKey's and Drivekeys, but this is the first problem I have ever run into.

    One thing I just noticed. If I go into the main screen of the drivekey and turn it off, I can play Origional disks no problem without a black screen error. This leads me to believe it is the chip
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    So I have some new info. the D2E's power adapter went bad and we bought a new adapter. WELL I guess the replacement adapter has a slightly less amperage rating than the origional. would this make a difference??


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