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Thread: Issues with Wii

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    Unhappy Issues with Wii

    OK first off yeah I know I probably did something I wasn't supposed to!

    I went to wallymart and got a copy of Wonder world amusement park....

    Made my copy so kids don't kill the original.

    I am using the Wiinja v2......

    My kids put the disk in and they said something about updating.

    Now all of our old games still work but not Wonder world or Big Beach sports.

    It gives the #001 Something about unauthorized mod or something along those lines LOL....

    All other functions of my wii work just not the 2 games listed above.

    Is this a sign I need to upgrade my Mod chip?

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    try the winja site, i think they have update software

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    Yes well the wiinja I have isent the upgradeable one

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    OK sorry I am an Idiot I must have the original Wiinja because V2 you could update


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