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    Someone who can make a program for the hombrew channel that can load iso files. i mean if they can make something that can load .dol or .elf, why cant they make something that can load ISO? Seriously! I mean the hombrew channel is okay, but its not that great if u ask me. The best thing u can do, from my opinion, is play dvd movies, get free WW nd VC games. We have a lot of smart people out there, why cant they make this happpen for us? Thats really all i have to say.

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    homebrew is still fairly young. People are working their socks off right now learning it and writing homebrew...

    eventually your wish will be granted.

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    oh i hope! haha so many ppl will b pleased

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    they can make a iso load if they tried, but the top homebrews like bushing do not want to go on the pirate ship. they are tring to keep it legal so that is why there is no iso load. another very big reason is because the wii is only usb 1.1 and transfer rates will be slow and that fact that no hard drives can work with the wii all that well. Like posted above the wii homebrew sences is still very young and people are just begining to understand the codes

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    Whats the transfer speed of the GC memory card?

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    An iso loader would be great! Well, eventually somebody will make one so just keep waiting.
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    In my opinion, it is better for everyone if they do not make it easy to load back up games, because if they do, the word will spread like wild fire and game sales will plumet which will result in not many games being produced for the Wii. Just take a look at what is happening to the PSP.

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    I gotta say as nice as it would be, I would rather they not homebrew an iso loader. Simply put, I don't think Nintendo is overly concerned with homebrew as it stands now...they may even encourage it (not publicly), but with the advent of an hb iso loader, major sales will be affected and fewer publishers will put out wii games, which would make it more difficult for nintendo to keep the wii a hot item. so I think if an hb iso loader comes out, expect nintendo to work harder to block any form of hb at all. And that would be a shame.

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    yeah that all does sound true, but about the psp. maybe thats because the PS3 came out. nd i dont think too many ppl know about HBc cause whenever i ask my friends they say they dont know wat that is, so i dont think it wud make sales go down too bad. nd besides not too many ppl like downloading games because of the wait nd all. nd y does it really mater if its illegal or legal, im pretty sure half the things we do like downloading games nd movies nd all that are

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    well we are a step closer with bushing releasing the DVDX. we may soon be playing backups without a modchip.

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