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Thread: sonic and sega allstar racing error 002

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    Thumbs down sonic and sega allstar racing error 002

    hey everyone i have a little problem i recently downloaded sonic and sega allstar racing and tried to play it neo gammer backup launcher. but everytime i play its shows the 002 error. but i already have the backup launcher 002 error fix. what should i do

    thanks in advance

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    just serched around and found out that you need three new iso's, i'm ganna install them and see if it works

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    you have to an update

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    what version of neogamma are u using and what rev cios have u got installed ?
    neogammer 8 rc3 and cios38 rev 17 plays it

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    thank you very much i have cios 38 rev 15 and neogammer 0.3
    do you have a link for both the cios and the backup launcher??

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    nvm i found them but thank you very much

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    rev 15 was buggy

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    what about neogamma r8 beta 7 using ios 249 rev 19 is that any good for this game because when i try and load this game i used to get 002 error but now i just get a black screen

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    IOS 249 Rev 19 is considered experimental and not included in wiihacks tutorial/mod. Check Dogegg's 3.1-4.1 thread, below the steps is a link for Neo Gamma R8RC3. IOS 249 Rev 17 is the way to go, you'll also find it linked in the same area.

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