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Thread: Wiikey 2 - Moving from USA to Australia Question

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    Wiikey 2 - Moving from USA to Australia Question

    I'm moving to Australia from the USA and have a US Wii (NTSC) fitted with a Wiikey 2. Will my Wii work on an Australian TV (PAL) with the Wiikey 2 installed? Is there a way I can change the Wii output from NTSC to PAL?

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    An unrelated thing, but remember their household current voltages isn't the same as ours (110V) either... you'll need a power adapter I believe (don't quote me).

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    Yeah you're right... already bought an Aus power adapter for the Wii - so just need to work out if the video will work!

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    I know in Europe, most TVs manufactured for use over there support NTSC and PAL (whereas our TVs over here... not so much). Probably is true of Australia as well, but I cannot say for sure.

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    Most modern TVs should be able to support the display of both PAL and NTSC regions.

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    Awesome news! Thanks for the info guys!


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