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Thread: Lego Indiana Jones Issue

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    Lego Indiana Jones Issue

    hey fellas, got my Wii modded last week and took a buddies CD Wallet o' games home w/ me. Every game I put in of his worked fine. I did my first game today which was Lego.Indiana.Jones.USA.WII-SUSHi. It won't load, just says "Insert a Wii game disc." I'm using the exact same disc all his games are on which is the Memorex discs w/ the label built on for Epson printers. he likes to make his discs all pretty ^^ Any input would be awesome!
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    Well it depends if you guys have the same mod chip or not. Some chips are more picky with different brands of dvd's. Are his other games working on your Wii?

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    what software are you using to burn your discs?

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    yea, I've tried a good 15-20 of his and they all work fine. I used Nero to burn the ISO. I have a D2C w/ a D2Pro9 v3 and he has a first gen w/ a Wiikey in his.

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    ImgBurn is another popular one that people use.

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    If you have access to the img at all , I would re-burn the disk. Use Img burn and not nero. Also using Taiyo Yuden disks, will yield better results. Have had 2 Wii's with D3pro9 and that exact game and haven't had issues.

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    Media & Software Recommendations:
    The best Media is Verbatim DVD-R , Made in Japan or Made in Singapore
    Alternatively Taiyo Yuden Premium Line TYG02, TYG03 Made in Japan works well.

    For best burn results use a Pioneer 111

    For software The Official ImgBurn Website It is a free software and works very well. Burn all iso images at 4x
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