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Thread: Compnonent Cables on SDTV

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    Compnonent Cables on SDTV

    I was wondering if the component cables are worth it with a SDTV. I know if you have a tv that supports EDTV that it makes a big difference, but will you notice anything with just a normal SDTV?

    Anyone have any experiance with this?

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    I would say with a SDTV, you should be good with S-Video or even composite. I don't think there will be much diff between the two, but thats just my opinion... try both cables and return the cable you don't like maybe....

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    Those old CRT TVs display in 480i. My hypothesis is that I would not expect a big enough difference to justify the cost and hassle.

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    Well I know with my XBox I noticed a pretty big difference with composite compared to S-Video and Component cables. Colours were much better, especially reds.


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