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Thread: Guidelines to follow before posting news AND posts in General!! (amended)

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    Question Guidelines to follow before posting news AND posts in General!! (amended)

    Here is a basic setup of how to post a news article from another site along with some rules to follow.

    Your probably wondering why these are needed and the reason is because I've been pmd numerous times for simple little things regarding how I should of posted something and how something should of been done and how to do it correctly, so I hope these guidelines help you to post your news articles in the correct manner.

    Some basic guidelines:

    • - Link only to official root sources.

    • - If the source you found is quoting another source then trace it back as far you can, the use that last site that you traced back as the source

    • - If the official root source isn't in english, quote it along with the translation which may be obtained from another site, but do not direct link to that site only mention it as the source for the translation.

    • - Add any pictures or videos if necessary. (all news articles should contain at least 1 pic or video)

    • - Add your opinions if you have any after you make the quote and make sure they are clearly separated with a line for instance.

    • -Please NO DIRECT LIVE LINKS unless it is the Root Source.

    • if not the root source... the source name with no live link will suffice. and no need to make it bold

    Heres a basic setup of how it should look.

    Source: (direct link to root source)
    Source: (if this is not the root source)

    By the Way the source has always been at the bottom before.... and it still should be

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiihacks
    This is just an example of where the article should go.


    This is my opinion and that line should be used to break up your opinion from the quote.
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    We've been needing a sticky for guidelines for news....thanks Favs

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    Nice one Favs.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks Favs.... Very Nice!!!!

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    Please Look to #1 post...amended...


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